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ICSI, New Delhi

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Having started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 13, I have been fortunate to be engaged with great opportunities and challenges. In last 10 years have founded and grown into India's Trusted Online Legal Services Platform. Startupwala helps entrepreneurs to in Startup legalities like Company Incorporation, Trademark, Copyrighting and ROC filing. I am passionate about supporting first-time entrepreneurs in focusing on right things and not getting trapped into fashionable corporate myths.

About me

Bala Nadar is Founder of, an Online Legal Services Platform for Startups & SMEs. Bala is a certified Company Secretary, legal evangelist, and entrepreneurship coach. He frequently speaks on Entrepreneurship at Business Schools, Conferences and reputed business forums including NASSCOM and Startup India. Bala & his team wants to see “India as an Entrepreneurial Capital of the World” hence are on a mission to Empower Entrepreneurship through Easy, Quick and Affordable Online Legal Services.