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Dec 11, 2017





Pune, Maharashtra


December 3

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For Mentors: Please write in detail about your experience running Startup(s) and also please let everyone know how you can help them.

I have experience in promotions and strategy for startups. I am the chapter director of StartupGrind Pune and well connected with many entrepreneurs from the city. I have built my own startup in IT services, IOT, Education space

About me

I am the founder and CEO of Mindbowser. A company we started in 2012 and have grown it to 50+ people team. I continue to learn and focus on building value for our clients. Every year we have doubled in size and the growth can be contributed to our pursuit of excellence and our focus not on release but post-release. We make sure that when we develop any application for our client, we have a success map attached with it. What will it take to get 1M+ users? How will the initial users be motivated to share and bring in more users? How can we growth hack and transform it into a virality juggernaut.

What would you like from EDCollaboration?

I would like to interact with budding entrepreneurs and be able to give them fruitful advice.