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A Collaboration Platform for College Entrepreneurship Development Cells (EDC) across the Globe. 

1. You can communicate and collaborate with other ED Cell members
2. Find your Co-founder from other ED Cell across the globe
3. You can get Event Information/ Organize Events
4. You can get expert advice from global leaders
5. You can do surveys for your ideas/ startups

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EDCollaboration Evangelist

Prof. R S. Lakshman Iyer,
B.Sc. D.P.CS. M.B.A. 

He has been working in Academics since 26 years with a parallel full time academic Industry experience - Served for Academic Publishing for around 17 years and now working as an academic project consultant. He has been doing classroom training since 22 years plus for Engineering, Management and other UG and PG stream course students. He does online training to reach out and help Students across US, UK, Middle East, Singapore, Vietnam, Newzealand and Tashkent (Kazakhstan). His focus is largely on Employability skilling drive. He also works for Higher Education Test.prep.coaching. He has also done his international classroom workshops based training in Dubai for 3-4 years. 

His Expertise: 

  • Setting up Skill development cell. 
  • Skilling courses. Need based and industry specific, continuous upgrading. 
  • Resources building and mobilising. 
  • Content creation, University branded - curriculum based custom publishing working through leading publisher's contracts. 
  • University development : Identifying like-minded educators for Alliances , research and knowledge partnerships. 

Teaching Expertise: 

  • Quantitative aptitude.
  • Logical reasoning ( Non. verbal ). 
  • Data interpretation. 
  • Data sufficiency. 
  • Statistics. 
  • Business mathematics. 
  • Bridge course or a Fundamental course : For Non.mathematics opted students streams. 
  • Group discussion - Basics, ways to work, Approach , Role plays , mock , individual and group assessment. 
  • Presentation skills - Basics, approach , several methods of doing presentation and doing demonstrations, mock | role play and final assessment. 
  • Management courses : Select courses in Marketing and Operations domain for BBA and MBA levels. 


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